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"Matrics is one of the leading pioneers in the development of Electronic Product Code technologies for automated tracking of items and other small supply chain assets"

Chris Stephenson
Senior Vice President of Global Consulting Services and Manufacturing

Savi Technology


Throughout the armed services and federal agencies, inventory tracking has long been a logistical challenge. Coupled with the urgent need to ensure the safety of military personnel and improve security worldwide, applications for RFID technologies in the Federal Government and Defense sectors are numerous and growing rapidly. RFID technology offers a viable solution with reliable identification and tracking technology that easily integrates into existing enterprise systems.

Real Solutions, Real Benefits

RFID solutions from Matrics provide the information government agencies need to improve security and inventory visibility here and abroad.

Our innovative solutions allow users to:

  • Locate and track military personnel instantaneously
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of deliveries by allowing items to be inventoried at the container level
  • Augment available manpower by automating functions previously executed manually
  • Virtually eliminate product diversion
  • Access real-time inventory to improve visibility and reduce shrinkage

Put our Technology to Work for You

RFID solutions from Matrics are employed by numerous government agencies in a wide range of applications, including:

  • In-transit visibility for equipment, food, munitions, and more
  • End-to-end warfighter support
  • Work In Process tracking solutions

Matrics' solutions for the Federal Government and Defense Departments can dramatically improve your organization's security and operational efficiency. Our new advanced readers and antennas and patented tag technology can integrate with existing software and systems to extend successful applications, so getting started with RFID doesn't necessitate revamping your entire supply chain process. Contact Matrics today to determine if RFID is right for you and to learn more about how to best integrate into your operations.