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Manufacturers today face the difficult tasks of improving inventory accuracy, reducing loss and theft, driving production velocity and more, while controlling costs and minimizing expenditures. RFID technology is revolutionizing manufacturing and industrial operations worldwide by providing methodologies that enable customers to effectively meet these challenges. Matrics' flexible, easy-to-use RFID solutions are ideal for automatic operations, as they provide an unsurpassed level of data integrity and can function in wide variety of environmental conditions, yielding effective results in dozens of applications.

Real Solutions, Real Benefits

RFID solutions from Matrics provide the information to improve operating efficiencies in virtually any industrial application. By automatically detecting product movements throughout the manufacturing process, RFID provides unsurpassed inventory visibility while minimizing the need for human and manual checks.

Our innovative solutions provide:

  • Increased speed and efficiency and reductions in errors throughout the entire assembly process
  • Improved efficiencies for work-in-progress reporting
  • Greater control over costly tooling and fixed assets
  • Improved inventory visibility to feed Just In Time systems
  • Reduced stock levels resulting from improved inventory management
  • Automated reporting of all material moves both inbound/outbound and within your facility

Put Our Technology to Work for You

Whether you're seeking ways to eliminate lost tools or are striving to produce the safest product at the most profitable price, Matrics offers ideal answers to alleviate virtually any supply chain dilemma. By automating and improving processes with RFID technology, you're assured of a cost-effective solution for your industry's most unique and perplexing problems.

Matrics creates solutions to enhance the efficiency of companies engaged in all facets of industry/manufacturing, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Paper
  • Electronics/Technology

Matrics' solutions for the manufacturing environment can take your operations efficiencies to new, unparalleled levels. Our flexible advanced readers and antennas and patented tag technology can integrate with existing information systems, so getting started with RFID doesn't require revamping your entire existing supply chain process. Matrics has worked with leading manufacturers around the world to deliver solutions that work. Contact us today to determine if RFID technology is right for your company and how to best integrate it into your operations.