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"Matrics' tags and readers have consistently performed in our difficult returnable packaging applications involving liquids and metals."

Lisa Benson
CIO of Orbis Corp.

Orbis Corporation

"Matrics' products are the best answer to some of the issues confronting supply chain management."


Syscan International, Inc.


Establishing and maintaining an accurate, efficient supply chain system is vital to your success. Matrics has a proven track record in helping companies like yours retrieve crucial information throughout every step of the consumer products supply chain, so you're assured of getting the precise data you need quickly and easily.

Real Solutions, Real Benefits

RFID solutions from Matrics provide comprehensive information for improving operational efficiencies in inventory management, logistics and the supply chain. Our RFID tags supply intelligent data collection for a wide variety of consumer products applications.

Matrics' ground-breaking solutions allow users to:

  • Track pallets, cartons and containers with unmatched speed and accuracy
  • Read/write RFID tags automatically at shipping and receiving doors, expediting loading and unloading processes
  • Take inventory and perform picking operations, updating inventory levels in real time
  • Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that products are stocked and available
  • Reduce shrinkage, fraud and spoilage
  • Increase in-stock merchandise for higher sales volumes and increased profits
  • Reduce human intervention and decrease labor costs
  • Dramatically improve overall warehousing efficiencies

Put Our Technology to Work for You

Whether you're seeking methods to improve inventory visibility for electronics products or reduce food product wastage, Matrics can provide the ideal answer to alleviate virtually any consumer product dilemma.

We create solutions to enhance the delivery and distribution efforts of companies engaged in the following market segments:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Packaged Goods
  • Apparel
  • Consumer Electronics

Matrics' solutions for warehouse management, inventory visibility and control, and logistics can take your supply chain efficiencies to unparalleled heights. Our new advanced readers and antennas and patented tag technology can integrate with your existing information systems, so getting started with RFID doesn't necessitate revamping your entire supply chain process. Contact Matrics today to determine if RFID is appropriate for your company and to learn how to integrate it into your existing operations.