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Retailers are finding new ways to increase revenues and profits, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. RFID technology from Matrics is helping to revolutionize retail operations. Recent mandates from leading retailers requiring case and pallet RFID tagging by early 2005 are creating an immediate demand for RFID technology. Retailers, seeking to gain a competitive advantage and increase their ROI, are currently piloting and deploying RFID. Across the world, retailers are already implementing RFID technology to provide inventory visibility, reduce labor costs and increase profits.

Real Solutions, Real Benefits

RFID solutions from Matrics provide the information you need to improve the operating efficiency in your supply chain.

Our innovative solutions allow users to:

  • Track the movement of trucks and trailers in real time, providing important information for efficient, automated routing and workforce management
  • Read incoming shipments and track individual pallets, cartons and cases as they are unloaded, providing fast, accurate inventory control systems
  • Monitor inventory movements with entry/exit RFID readers, producing a near-perfect inventory accuracy and virtually eliminating out-of-stock emergencies
  • Error-proof shipping operations by ensuring that all the items needed to fulfill an order are available and packed prior to its dispatch
  • And facilitate accurate and efficient cargo transfers, driving excess inventory out of the supply chain

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Whether you want to eliminate misplacement of goods or reduce the amount of personnel and equipment required to process incoming shipments, Matrics can create solutions to enhance the efficiency of companies engaged in all facets of retail operations:

  • Mass retailers
  • General merchandise
  • Specialty
  • Grocery

Matrics´ solutions for warehouse management provide increased inventory visibility and control. Our new advanced readers, antennas and patented tag technology can integrate with existing information systems, so getting started with RFID doesn’t entail overhauling your entire existing supply chain process. Contact Matrics to determine if RFID technology is right for your company and how to best integrate it into your operations.