Sept 8 - 9

Commercial Vehicle Telematics 2004

Sept 8, 11:00am:
How to turn increased security spending into real ROI for your customers
Speaker: John Shoemaker

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"We have done a fairly exhaustive review of passive RFID technology within our company, and Matrics has far exceeded the others in terms of tag performance and reliability."

Steve Georgevitch
Supply Chain Manager, The Boeing Company


"This becomes a win for all concerned... by reducing the incidence of lost or mishandled bags while ensuring screened bags are delivered to the right place at the right time,"

Randall H. Walker
Director of Aviation, McCarran Airport


The transportation industry is confronted with the need to ensure passenger and employee security, reduce loss and theft, streamline cargo processes and more. RFID technology is transforming transportation operations worldwide by providing processes that enable customers to effectively meet these and other challenges. Matrics' flexible, easy-to-use RFID solutions are ideal for transportation operations, as they provide reliable identification and tracking technology and improved asset management, yielding effective results in dozens of diverse applications.

Real Solutions, Real Benefits

RFID solutions from Matrics provide the fast, accurate information required to improve operational efficiencies in virtually any transportation application. By automatically tracking assets like tugs, baggage, and more throughout the course of transit, RFID transforms the tracking process and yields unsurpassed asset management and visibility.

Our innovative solutions enable users to:

  • Enhance passenger and employee safety by virtually eliminating security risks
  • Improve the efficiency of baggage handling processes, reducing loss and theft and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Streamline cargo processes and reduce labor costs
  • Control costs by improving all facets of inventory tracking and management

Put Our Technology to Work for You

Whether you need to reduce the incidence of lost luggage or improve passenger security, Matrics can develop the ideal solution for virtually any transportation system dilemma. Our RFID solutions are working for transportation businesses worldwide in a wide rage of applications, including:

  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Trucking

Matrics' solutions for the transportation industry can transform your operational efficiencies and propel your business to new heights. Our flexible advanced readers and antennas, coupled with our patented tag technology, can integrate with existing information systems, so implementing RFID doesn't require revamping your current processes. Matrics has worked with leading transportation companies around the world to deliver solutions that work. Contact us today to determine if RFID technology is right for your company and learn more about integrating it into your operations.